Sho-Me Technologies Celebrates 20 years!

Headlines, Network Updates on September 27th, 2017 Comments Off on Sho-Me Technologies Celebrates 20 years!

What started as a network implemented for Sho-Me Power’s internal use has grown to encompass nearly 5,000 miles of fiber across south-central and southeast Missouri. Prior to fiber, Sho-Me relied on a microwave system to communicate with our power substations and cooperatives. The introduction of PCS mobile phones forced us to vacate the frequency we were using for our microwave radios.

At that point, Sho-Me was faced with a choice: Either change to another frequency and keep using the microwave system or find a new way to communicate. We knew we needed an extremely resilient network in place in order to provide the mission-critical services required to keep the lights on.

Rather than just changing the frequency, it was decided to use fiber optic technology for our communications. The board of directors at Sho-Me Power had the vision to not only provide a robust network for our own internal needs, but to make the same high quality, high bandwidth technology available to the members we serve in rural Missouri. Our board knew that other businesses in our service area could benefit from the fiber optic network.

As our network continues to grow, we remain focused on the success of the schools and businesses in our service territory. We owe our success to the visionaries on Sho-Me Power’s board; our amazing coops; our dedicated employees; reliable last mile providers; and of course, our incredible customers who put their trust in us day after day, year after year. Here’s to another 20 years!

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